Hettich Laboratory centrifuges

Hettich logoHettich have been producing centrifuges in Tuttlingen, Germany since 1908. Today they produce market leading centrifuges, which are user friendly and reliable. Hettich have a wide range of centrifuges both in refrigerated and non-refrigerated versions.

EBA 200 & 200S

Hettich EBA 200 closed lid high res

The EBA 200 is the smallest centrifuge produced by Hettich. It is capable of speeds up to 6,000 rpm which equates to a maximum RCF of 3,461 xg. This centrifuge has a capacity of 8 x 15ml making it the ideal choice for small clinical practices who want to centrifuge their own blood tubes. Adaptors are available for users who wish to spin smaller tubes.

Key features:

  • Dedicated button for short burts of centrifugation
  • Small form factor designed for limited spaces
  • Versatile and easy to move around the lab

EBA 270

Hettich EBA 270 Centrifuge

Like the EBA 200 and EBA 200 S, the EBA 270 is a small capacity centrifuge designed to spin 15ml tubes. The difference is that the EBA 270 will spin these 15ml tubes in a swing-out rotor, not an angled one. This means that separation will be flat. The EBA 270 can spin 6 x 15ml tubes up to speeds of 4,000 rpm (2,254 xg). There is a wide range of adaptors available for users who wish to spin smaller tubes.

Key features:

  • Very small footprint
  • Can spin 15ml tubes
  • Swing-out rotor

EBA 280 & 280S

Hettich EBA 280 centrifuge pic 3

The EBA 280 and EBA 280 S are small but extremely versatile centrifuges owing to the fact that they can spin both swing-out and angle rotors on a small footprint. These centrifuges have a maximum capacity of 6 x 50ml and will reach speeds of up to 6,000 rpm (5,071 xg in the EBA 280 S). There is a wide range of both angle and swing-out rotors available depending on the needs of the user.

Key features:

  • Can use both swing-out and angle rotors
  • Max capacity of 6x50ml tubes
  • Small and versatile centrifuge

Haematokrit 200

Hettich Haematokrit 200

The Haematokrit 200 is a haematocrit centrifuge designed to spin up to 24 x 75mm capillaries. The maximum speed of this centrifuge is 13,000 rpm (16,060 xg). The screw top, clear lid for the 24 place rotor also has a handy capillary reader printed on it which makes taking readings very easy.

Key features:

  • Haematocrit centrifuge
  • Max capacity 24x75mm capillaries
  • Capillary reader printed on the lid for easy reading

Mikro 185

Mikro 185 centrifuge by Hettich

The Mikro 185 centrifuge is a super versatile micro-centrifuge designed to spin 24 x 1.5/2ml micro tubes up to speeds of 13,300 rpm. This equates to a maximum RCF of 17,008 xg. There are various tube adaptors for users who want to spin smaller tubes. Like most Hettich centrifuges, the Mikro 185 is IVD compliant meaning that it meets the standards of the European directive 98/79/EC.

Key features:

  • Versatile centrifuge with 4 angle rotor configurations
  • Max speed of 13,300 rpm
  • IVD compliant

Mikro 200 & 200R

Mikro 200 centrifuge by Hettich

The Mikro 200 is one of the fastest centrifuges in its class. It has the same capacity as the Mikro 185 but it can spin up to 30 micro tubes instead of just 24. The maximum speed is slightly higher too at 15,000 rpm (21,382 xg). There are six rotors available which will cover most clinical applications. All rotors can be supplied with lids. There are also some tube adaptors which can be used for accommodating smaller tubes in the same rotor.

Key features:

  • Higher speed compared to Mikro 185
  • Can spin up to 30 micro tubes
  • Six rotors available to cover most requirements

Mikro 220 & 220R

Hettich Mikro 220 centrifuge

The Mikro 220 is a powerful, compact benchtop centrifuge designed to spin micro tubes and haematocrit capillaries up to speeds of 18,000 rpm (31, 514 xg). There are a variety of rotors available for use in the Mikro 220. Users can spin up to 120ml of sample using the 60 x 2ml rotor.

Key features:

  • Designed for haematocrit capillaries and tubes
  • Max speed of 18,000 rpm
  • Selection of 6 rotors to match most requirements

Rotofix 32A

Rotofix 32A by Hettich

The Rotofix 32 A is a rugged, yet versatile medium capacity benchtop centrifuge by Hettich. Popular in doctors’ practices and small hospitals, this non-refrigerated centrifuge can be used with a range of fixed angle or swing-out rotors. There is even a special rotor for spinning cyto chambers. This centrifuge has a capacity of 4 x 100ml and can reach speeds of up to 6,000 rpm (4,226 xg).

Key features:

  • Medium capacity benchtop centrifuge
  • Large selection of rotors to choose from
  • Max capacity of 4x100ml

Universal 320 & 320R

Universal 320 centrifuge

With a capacity of 4 x 200ml and a maximum speed of 15,000 rpm (21,382 xg), the Universal 320 is a popular choice for the laboratory manager. Whether the user is spinning blood tubes, haematocrit capillaries, cyto chambers or micro plates, the choice of rotors/carriers is vast. There is a good reason why Hettich chose to call this centrifuge ‘Universal’!

Key features:

  • Large selection of rotors to match almost any requirement
  • Max capacity of 4x200ml
  • Compact and versitile

Rotina 380 & 380R

Rotina 380 centrifuge

The Rotina 380 is slightly larger in capacity when compared to the Universal 320, but achieves the same speeds, delivering excellent separation results every time. The maximum capacity of the Rotina 380 is 4 x 290ml and a wide range of accessories are available to meet the needs of most users.

Key features:

  • Larger capacity compared to Universal 320
  • Max capacity of 4x290ml
  • Large selection of rotors and adaptors

Rotina 420 & 420R

The Rotina 420 is a compact, non-refrigerated benchtop centrifuge with a maximum capacity of 4 x 600ml. It is capable of spinning up to 140 standard sized blood tubes or 16 micro plates. This centrifuge is ideal for use in clinical chemistry, biotechnology and other life science applications. Capable of speeds up to 15,000 rpm (24,400 xg), the Rotina 420 is a superb addition to any laboratory and like all Hettich centrifuges comes with a multi-year warranty.

Key features:

  • Compact non-refrigerated benchtop centrifuge
  • Max capacity of 4x600ml
  • Large selection of rotor and adaptor configurations

Rotanta 460 & 460R

Rotanta 460 centrifuge

The Rotanta 460 has a capacity of 4 x 750ml and can reach speeds up to 15,000 rpm which equates to 24,400xg. This 3 litre centrifuge is a real workhorse and has nearly 30 different rotor/bucket combinations at its disposal. This centrifuge is ideal for users with a high through-put of tubes.

Key features:

  • Large capacity benchtop centrifuge
  • Max capacity of 4x750ml
  • High through-put

Rotanta 460 RC & 460 RF

Rotanta 460 centrifuge

The Rotanta 460 is also available in a floor-standing version for users who have limited bench space. The Rotanta 460 RC is approximately 68cm high which makes it an ideal under-bench centrifuge. This frees up space on the bench for other laboratory equipment.

Key features:

  • Floor-standing version of Rotanta 460
  • 68cm high
  • Under-bench variant available

Rotixa 500 RS

Hettich Rotixa 500RS centrifuge

The Rotixa 500 RS is a large capacity, refrigerated centrifuge capable of spinning samples up to 1 litre at 10,000 rpm. The 4 x 1,000ml rotor uses square buckets to process tubes and round one to process blood bags. The round buckets can accommodate single, double, triple or quadruple blood bags. A set of balancing weights are available to make up the weight difference when spinning blood bags of difference weights.

Key features:

  • Large capacity floor-standing centrifuge
  • Max capacity of 4×1,000ml
  • Can be used for tubes or blood bags

Roto Silenta 630 RS

Roto Silenta 630 RS

The Roto Silenta 630 RS is the flagship centrifuge model from Hettich. It is designed to spin very large quantities of tubes and blood bags at speeds of up to 6,000 rpm (6,520 xg). Ideally suited for blood bank environments, the Roto Silenta 630 RS can spin quadruple bags from a variety of different manufacturers including Baxter/Fenwal, Fresenius and Terumo. The 2,000ml bucket is more than capable of accommodating blood bags including ancillary tubing and filters.

Key features:

  • Flagship model
  • Designed for very large quantities of tubes and blood bags
  • Ideally suited for blood bank environments