LEEC T190 Culture Safe TOUCH CO2

LEEC CO2 Incubators Touch T190 - T190S

The LEEC IR CO2 sensor offers the latest technology and is completely drift free. T.C. CO2 sensors only measure accurately at the desired 88-92% relative humidity (%RH). After the inner glass door is opened the T.C. sensor is measuring inaccurately up to a period of 1 hour after the door closure. TC technology is much older technology and its huge disadvantage is that accurate % CO2 can only be achieved once the relative humidity (%RH) has recovered back to 88-92%RH, which is typically up to 1 hour. For very important samples and cell lines this is simply not acceptable. The pH level of the culture media will not recover and cell desiccation may result as a consequence.

Main features:

  • 200°C sterilisation (Touch 190S)
  • Infrared CO2 sensor (drift free)
  • Full data logging (text & graphical)
  • 190 litre chamber
  • Multi Gas / Low Oxygen version available
LEEC has developed a clever six sided heating system controlled by a state of the art touch screen PID controller. There is also independent control of both the door and the base (located under the water tray) allowing for extremely accurate and precise control of temperature inside the inner chamber. This precise control eliminates the need for a fan and is accurately achieved by the most gentle convection of air movement inside the chamber. This prevents any turbulence and possible rapid spreading of contamination introduced into the chamber by the higher turbulent air flow created by fan assisted incubators. Another great benefit is a much larger internal chamber capacity against rivals with fans fitted, and considerably smaller external dimensions. The LEEC Culture Safe CO2 range with its very compact external dimensions will comfortably sit on a laboratory bench or even under the laboratory bench if more convenient. Many other brands are simply too large to fit in either location.

The state of the art PID touch screen controller is designed to be as user friendly as possible, allowing the user to quickly access the required menus via a simple icon navigation system. The multi-function, PID touch screen module controls the temperature, CO2, and alarm functions (including low gas and power failure). An independent safety cut out disconnects the heating system should an over temperature condition occur. The controller can be password protected too, stopping any unauthorised adjustment to the control systems.

The touch screen controller also provides real time data logging in graphical and text format onto an SD memory card. Text and graphical data logging of temperature, CO2 and O2 (if fitted) is possible with a minimum of 72 hours graphical data logging and 100 text event logs, all conveniently saved as .csv files for viewing in Microsoft Excel® .



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