NUVE EN 300 incubator

With dimensions favouring labs with limited bench space where wall-mounting of shallower incubators would be an advantage, EN 300, EN 400 and EN 500 incubators are regular units for customers looking for economical incubators.

Main features:

  • Three different sizes: 22, 44 and 120 liters
  • Temperature range: Ambient Temperature +5°C / 80°C
  • Anodic-oxidated aluminum chamber
  • Easy programming with one button, just turn and push
  • Programmable alarm limits
Minimized potential for cross-contamination is assured by natural convection without turbulence.

N-Prime™ guarantees accurate temperature control and keeps samples at set temperature and ensure fast temperature recovery after door opening.

Operated programs can be transferred to memory stick through USB port for traceability.


EN 300-400-500


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