As a UK based manufacturer of laboratory and pharmaceutical incubators, fridges and freezers, most Labcold products are available with short lead times and at very competitive prices. Quality is high, as can be expected from a company with almost 80 years experience in field of refrigeration equipment manufacture.

Basic refrigerators

Basic fridge2



These models provide basic refrigerated storage at a lower price while still providing the confidence of the Labcold name and support. Lower cost production methods have been used, and certain convenience features omitted in order to offer the best price possible without significant sacrifices in the important areas of function and reliability. Optional accessories are not available with this model.

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Advanced refrigerators

Advanced fridge






The Labcold Advanced ranges of refrigerators represent the highest levels of performance, constructional quality, robustness, and appearance available in the market place. Heavy duty all-metal construction, with standard stainless steel interior provides strength and durability with ease of cleaning or sanitisation. Microprocessor control, together with ducted air flow and advanced auto defrost system provide class leading temperature stability and uniformity. A wide range of additional options are available for this range including sample storage racking, remote alarm contacts, access ports, internal power sockets with safety trip, over and under temperature safety trips and temperature recorders/loggers. Advanced models may also be customised for specific applications.

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Spark-free refrigerators

 Sparkfree 2

150L RLPR0514

390L RLHD13043

430L RLSP1510

Specifically designed for the storage of samples preserved in potentially flammable substances, such as formaldehyde and other such hazardous substances. Everything that could cause a source of ignition have been removed from the inside of the fridge making it internally sparkfree. For extra safety, the interior features a sealed condensate removal box, keeping flammable condensed vapours secure until removal. To ensure temperature stability, twin IP68 fully enclosed fans are fitted to the interior.

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