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Hawo have been manufacturing high quality rotary heat sealers since 1975. Their range includes both rotary and impulse (bar) type heat sealers and their instruments are very popular in Sterile Service Departments as well as in dental practices, clinics, tattoo studios and industry.

Henderson Biomedical is proud to be the exclusive the exclusive UK distributor for Hawo. We have stock of a number of instruments and can offer a next day delivery service for some models.

hm 8000 AS

hm 8000 AS-V SealCut

Hawo Pouch making machine

The Hawo hm 8000 AS and hm 8000 AS-V SealCut are pouch making machines of the highest quality, manufactured by Hawo in Germany.

Cutting pouches to size is a labour intensive job which often yields mistakes. The user can accidentally cut the pouches to the wrong size and this wastage costs the department money.

The hm 8000 AS and hm 8000 AS-V eliminates this wastage as pouches are cut to the correct length every time. The user simply mounts one or more reels on the instrument and inputs the length and number of the pouches required. This data can be inputted either manually or automatically using a barcode scanner in conjunction with a variety of pre-set QR codes. The instrument can then be left to produce the pouches required for the department. Up to 5000 pouches can be made per hour and all of them are neatly collected in an adjustable tray.

Users can choose to have a hm 8000 AS with or without validation. Alternatively, the instrument can be connected to Hawo’s VeriDoc system for even better traceability.

To see the Hawo hm 8000 AS in action, you can access a video via Hawo’s YouTube channel to see how it works.

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