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Hawo hd 680 DE rotary heat sealer

Laboratory equipment maintenance,
repair, calibration and sales.

Hawo hd 680 DE rotary heat sealer

£990.00 excl VAT

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This used Hawo heat sealer is ideal for use in an industrial setting where validation is not required. This Hawo hd 680 DE rotary heat sealer was manufactured in 2014 and runs very smoothly. A few minor scratches and markings appear on the casing, but otherwise, the unit is in good condition and in perfect working order.

Perfect for sealing paper/film pouches, this heat sealer will reach a maximum temperature of 220°C. It is also capable of sealing both flat and gusseted pouches depending on your requirements.

The Hawo hd 680 DE will exert between 80 to 120 newtons of force to the pouch, meaning that you can be sure of a perfect seal every time. The 7 segment LED display makes it easy to see what temperature you are sealing at and this can be adjusted using the single key input keyboard.

The instrument comes complete with a 3 month warranty (provided by Henderson Biomedical) and spare parts are still being supplied by the manufacturer. This means that if this device breaks down in future, you can be guarateed that you will be able to source spare parts to fix it.

Henderson Biomedical can also supply you with a comprehensive Service Maintenance Agreement for this used Hawo heat sealer. We carry out a 44 point check on every used heat sealer that we service. We can also calibrate the instrument if this is needed.

If you have any questions regarding this used heat sealer, please feel free to contact us on 020 8663 4610 or alternatively drop us an email at

If you require a heat sealer with validation, Henderson Biomedical is able to supply you with a new Hawo hd 680 DEI-V rotary heat sealer. Please contact us for more information or to receive a quotation on this model.

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Laboratory equipment maintenance, repair, calibration and sales.

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