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Researchers: How can we help you?

Laboratory equipment maintenance,
repair, calibration and sales.

We routinely work with organisations engaged in clinical and scientific research. We can service, repair and calibrate a range of different laboratory instruments. These include, but are not limited to centrifuges, refrigerators, freezers and incubators. We are able to offer a fast response time to repairs and can regularly maintain your device if you choose one of our Service Maintenance Agreements.

Routine maintenance of laboratory equipment

Whether you want just a one-off service, or regular maintenance every 6 months, we can help you. We have a range of different Service Maintenance Agreements (SMAs) depending on your needs and requirements. Full details on the different types of SMAs available can be found here.

Eupry temperature monitoring

Ensuring that your precious samples are being stored at optimum level is vitally important for any researcher. Furthermore, should the temperature start to rise to dangerously high levels, you will want to know about it immediately.

Henderson Biomedical has partnered with the leading temperature monitoring provider Eupry. Eupry data loggers digitally record the temperature of your refrigerator or freezer and sends the information wirelessly to the cloud via your WiFi connection. The system is easy to use and data loggers can be calibrated to UKAS levels. Calibration is performed by swapping old loggers for new ones every 12 months, meaning that cost is kept to a minimum and users experience zero downtime.

Temperature mapping

Temperature mapping is crucial in understanding how your refrigerator or freezer is performing. All fridges and freezers will have hot and cool spots within their chamber. It is important that you identify these, so you can make reasonable adjustments when storing your biological samples.

Eupry data loggers can also be used for a temperature mapping exercise. Users can either purchase a set of loggers or alternatively rent them from us. This is a much more cost-effective solution than having an engineer perform a mapping protocol on-site. More information on using Eupry as a mapping solution can be found here.

Replacement equipment

We are able to offer replacement new equipment from a variety of leading manufacturers. We can offer competitive prices on LEEC incubators, Vestfrost refrigerators/freezers (including Ultra Low Temperature versions) and Hettich centrifuges as well as other equipment brands.  All new equipment comes with a manufacturers warranty which is usually 1 or 2 years.

If buying new equipment is out of your price range, we also have a wide range of used equipment available for purchase at a fraction of the price.

Rental of equipment

Sometimes, you only need equipment for a certain amount of time for a specific research project. In cases like this, we are able to provide a certain amount of laboratory equipment for rental purposes. Rental can be for several weeks or months and you will have the choice to purchase the equipment at the end of the rental period.

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Laboratory equipment maintenance, repair, calibration and sales.

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