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Hawo are well known for their quality rotary and impulse heat sealers. In recent years, they have began to branch out into other sealing methods and their vacuum sealer machine is an example of this. Made from the highest quality materials, the hv 300 K-V MediVac is ideal for medical, pharmaceutical and industrial applications.

Henderson Biomedical is proud to be the appointed exclusive UK distributor for Hawo. You will not find Hawo products anywhere else in the UK, so give us a call and we would be happy to provide you with a quotation.

hv 300 K-V MediVac

Vaccum sealer machine by Hawo

The hv 300 K-V MediVac is a vacuum sealer machine designed for packaging medical, pharmaceutical and industrial devices. Using this equipment is incredibly easy. First, the user simply places the device into either a polymer vacuum film pouch or an aluminium laminate vacuum film pouch. The pouch is then placed inside the chamber with the unsealed edge placed on the sealing bar. The lid is then closed and the vacuum and gas flushing is activated automatically. Once the process is finished, the lid will open and the package can be removed. The end result is that your device is completely sealed and protected from the outside environment.

The hv 300 K-V MediVac is incredibly flexible and can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of the user. For example, the vacuum and gas flushing time can be changed individually and the sealing and cooling temperatures can be set depending on the packaging material.

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