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Veterinary practices: How can we help you?

Laboratory equipment maintenance,
repair, calibration and sales.

We have worked with a number of different veterinary practices as well as organisations who work closely with animals. This includes, but is not limited to livestock monitoring, equine breeding, zoological studies and insect science.

Centrifuges, refrigerators, freezers and other core scientific equipment are commonly used in these settings. Henderson Biomedical can not only supply you with this equipment, but we can provide first-class after sales service and repair.

Service Maintenance Agreements

Taking up a Service Maintenance Agreement (SMA) not only prolongs the life of your equipment, but it can also help avoid costly and inconvenient breakdowns. We offer a range of different SMAs depending on your needs, how important the instrument is, and how often it is used. More details on the different SMAs we can provide can be found here.

UK wide technical support

Regardless of whether you are located in a small rural town, or the middle of a big city, we are able to send an engineer to visit you for a routine service or ad-hoc repair of your equipment. We are also able to offer you free technical advice over the phone, which in many cases can get you up and running again. We hold stock of thousands of spare parts, even for some discontinued models. This means we are in an excellent position to respond to your technical needs.

New and used equipment

We are able to supply a range of small benchtop centrifuges ideal for use in a veterinary setting. We supply both Nuve and Hettich instruments depending on your budget and requirements.

We can also supply refrigerators and freezers, both floor-standing and under counter types. We are able to offer you a range of options from well-known manufacturers such as Vestfrost, Labcold and Gram. We can also source other miscellaneous laboratory equipment used in a veterinary and general animal setting.

We can supply you with new equipment, or if you’re are on a tight budget, used instruments at a fraction of the cost. All used equipment comes with a 3-month warranty and the device can be calibrated for free before dispatch if required.

Flexible finance options that match your needs

Buying capital equipment can be an expensive business. That is why Henderson Biomedical has partnered with a leading asset finance company, WestWon to provide you with fully flexible finance options. You can spread the cost of your capital equipment purchase from 1 to 10 years and you can adjust the regular payment dates to suit your own circumstances. Full details on the finance options we can offer is found here.

Eupry temperature monitoring

Ensure that important medication and vaccines are stored at the correct temperature by monitoring your refrigerator with Eupry.

Eupry is a wireless monitoring system that records temperature at regular intervals and sends the data to the cloud via a WiFi connection. Furthermore, you are able to set alarms if the temperature falls outside your pre-defined limits. Alarms are sent via email, text message and phone.

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Laboratory equipment maintenance, repair, calibration and sales.

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