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Hawo pouch making machine review

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In this month’s blog, we take a closer look at Hawo’s hm 8000 AS/AS-V SealCut pouch making machine. Typically, this device is used in Sterile Service Departments (SSDs). However, it can be applied to a variety of different settings depending on the need of the user.

Hawo pouch making machine overview

We have already taken a look at Hawo as a company in a previous blog back in September 2017. As mentioned back then, the German manufacturer has an enviable reputation for high-quality, reliable sealing devices.

The hm 8000 pouch making machine is no exception to this rule. It is designed with heavy use in mind and will provide you with years of trouble-free operation.

Let’s take a look at this device in more detail:

Two different models depending on your needs

Before we delve into the finer details of the hm 8000 pouch making machine, it is important to understand the different models available. You will notice that there are two different endings: AS and AS-V. With the AS model, it is possible to validate two of the three parameters of a good seal- time (seconds) and temperature (°C). It is not possible to validate the third parameter, force (newtons).

Most SSDs will want to verify all three parameters and so the AS-V model should be chosen.

How does the Hawo pouch making machine work?

One of the main problems found in SSDs is that operators often cut the pouch too short or too long. If the pouch is too short, then the instrument will not fit inside. If the pouch is too long, then this creates space for the instrument to violently move around during the sterilisation process and damage the pouch seal.

The Hawo hm 8000 pouch making machine is designed to eliminate the human error often found in making pouches by hand. The principle of the Hawo pouch maker is that it eliminates the manual cutting and sealing of pouches ready for devices to be placed inside.

Hawo achieves this by the following process: feeding a roll through the pouch maker, then cutting the pouch to size, sealing one end and ejecting out into a basket. You can see the Hawo hm 8000 pouch maker in action by watching this short video.

A multitude of accessories available

Hawo can also supply a series of different accessories for your pouch maker depending on the user’s needs. They are as follows:

  • Scanner- for scanning QR codes that have important data such as date of expiry, type of instrument or the name of the user. This information can then be used to produce a report and/or label.
  • Label printer- This can be added to the pouch making machine so that it will automatically produce a label at the end of pouch production process. These labels can include the data the user has scanned at the beginning of the process.
  • Sorting unit- This can be used to sort the pouches neatly into different piles ready for collection. The sorting dividers can be adjusted depending on the width of the pouch.
  • Work station- This is used to house the pouch making machine, reels and accessories. The work stations can be fitted with wheels so you can easily move the whole sealing process around to other locations.

Hawo pouch making machine features and functionality

The Hawo hm 8000 has inbuilt DataMatic and SizeMatic for ease of use.

DataMatic means that all relevant data can be automatically stored onto a USB stick. This means that, the relevant person, such as the SSD manager, can easily access all the production information of the day. Data can be exported as an Excel spreadsheet and thus made into graphs or charts for reporting purposes.

SizeMatic is a simple ruler than can be found stuck on the front of the pouch maker. Users can simply hold the instrument up to the ruler and scan the appropriate QR code to get the optimum length.

Hawo pouch making machine conclusion

The hm 8000 pouch maker adds to Hawo’s reputation as the foremost manufacturer of sealing devices. It is a high-quality device that saves you time and money in the long run.


  • Saves the user time, allowing them to concentrate on other matters in the department.
  • Minimises overall wastage of pouches being cut too small or too long.
  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Excellent reliability.


  • May be a bit expensive for users on a tight budget.
  • Warranty only limited to 1 year.
  • Can be a bit fiddly to set up initially.

Overall score: 9/10

How Henderson Biomedical can help

Henderson Biomedical is the exclusive UK distributor of Hawo sealing devices for use on the medical field. We can provide you with both pre-sales advice and after sales technical support regarding Hawo products. Please contact our team on 020 8663 4610 or you can email us at

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