Heat sealer test systems

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It is important to know that your heat sealer is performing as it should be. A poor seal can lead to compromises in the sterility of the contents you are sealing.  It is for this reason that we recommend regular testing of your sealed pouches.

In addition to producing high-quality heat sealers, Hawo also manufactures several different types of test systems for checking the integrity of your heat-sealed pouches. The Seal Check, Ink Test, and Ink Test PRO EU are three ways of checking the quality of a seal. Furthermore, users can combine one or more of the options below with a periodic pouch destruction test which can be carried out by one of our in-house, Hawo trained engineers.

Hawo InkTest PRO EU

The InkTest PRO EU is an innovative take on the standard ink test. It is used for the routine testing of all four sides of the pouch and fully complies with ISO 11607-1 and ASTM F1929. Using the InkTest PRO EU is easy. Users simply place one of the aluminium foil sachets into a pouch and seal it as normal. Then the sachet is squeezed until it bursts and the ink is ejected. The ink then moves around inside the pouch and any flaws in the seal seam will become immediately visible.  The Hawo InkTest PRO EU is supplied in a box of 30 sachets.

The InkTest PRO EU is easy to use and much cleaner than conventional pipette ink tests.

See how the Ink Test PRO EU works:

The InkTest PRO EU is Triton-X free. This is a requirement for use in the UK. Triton-X been banned in the European Union and the United Kingdom since January 2021.

Hawo InkTest PLUS 2.0

This is the classic ink test using a pipette and bottle of ink used for Tyvek® (HDPE) material. It complies with ISO 11607-1 and ASTM F1929 and allows users to clearly see any defects in the seal. The ink test can be used on Tyvek® (HDPE) paper/film pouches.

The Hawo InkTest PLUS 2.0 is supplied with a 1 x 75ml bottle of red ink and 20 disposable pipettes.

The InkTest PLUS 2.0 is Triton-X free. This is a requirement for use in the UK. Triton-X been banned in the European Union and the United Kingdom since January 2021.

Hawo Seal Check

The Seal Check by Hawo consists of 250 sheets of special indicator paper. The paper is dark in colour and has a unique grain to it. This means that when sealed within a paper/film pouch, any creases or gaps in the seal are clearly visible. The Seal Check can be used for routinely checking the integrity of pouches produced and can be kept for your records.

The Hawo Seal Check is available in two versions:

  • Seal Check Med is the most popular Seal Check and is used for standard paper/film pouches.
  • Seal Check HDPE is suitable for Tyvek® (HDPE) paper/film pouches and also for transparent pouches.

Both types of Seal Checks are 175mm in length and consist of 250 sheets. Results can be compared to the reference card available in the Downloads section below.

Hawo ORGANIXprotect System

ORGANIXprotect is a sustainable and 100% plastic-free packaging system for the packaging of a wide range of products. The basis of the innovative concept is the ORGANIXprotect consumable, which consists exclusively of sustainable raw materials and is 100% plastic-free, compostable and recyclable. ORGANIXprotect is perfectly suited for use in the fields of LifeScience/Industry as well as Healthcare – a change towards sustainable packaging has never been this easy!

    Prefabricated self-adhesive pouches in various sizes for a convenient packaging without the need for a sealing device. Best suited for packaging standardized contents or where space is limited.
    Standard rolls in various widths for the individual adaptation to the product to be packed. The protective packaging can be produced cost-effectively and accurately with the aid of a film sealing device.




Hawo SealCheck

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Hawo InkTest PRO

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Why are the InkTest PRO EU sachets made using aluminium foil?

The aluminium packaging of the InkTest PRO EU ensures that the ink inside is protected from sunlight.

Can I keep the pouch once the InkTest PRO EU has been burst inside the pouch?

No. The sachets are designed for single use and once they have been burst inside your pouch, they should be disposed of thoughtfully.

Why are the Seal Checks sold in a pack of 250 sheets?

Most users perform a Seal Check at the beginning of the working day, before the sealer is used. A single pack of Seal Checks should last you around one year (or 250 working days).

Is the Hawo InkTest PRO EU Triton-X free?

Yes, the InkTest PRO EU and the InkTest PLUS 2.0 are both Triton-X free. This is a requirement for use in the European Union and United Kingdom. Triton-X has been banned for use in these markets since January 2021.

What other test systems can I implement to routinely inspect the heat sealer?

Henderson Biomedical can also perform a pouch destruction test which tests the seal strength of your pouches. You just need to send a batch of pre-sealed pouches to our site and we will do the rest. Once our tests are performed, we will supply you with a certificate detailing the results. Many users combine a pouch destruction test with one or more of the Hawo test systems to check that their heat sealer is performing as it should be.

What makes the paper used in the Hawo Seal Check so special?

The paper used in Seal Checks is medical grade and conforms to European Standard EN 868-3. The paper has a special grain to it making it easy to spot any minor flaws in the seal.