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First established in 1975 by Hans Wolf, Hawo is a family owned company specialising in the manufacture of heat sealers. Hawo products are know the world over for their quality and design and they are known for continually improving existing products or introducing new innovative ones.

Henderson Biomedical is the official UK distributor of Hawo heat sealers and we are proud to offer their range of impulse heat sealers. By purchasing a Hawo heat sealer through us, you can be sure that you will be getting a quality product backed up by excellent after sales support for the life of your instrument.

 The Basic Line

hd 260 MS

hd 470 MS


The hd 260 MS and hd 470 MS are Hawo’s entry level impulse heat sealers. Easy-to-use with only the essential features included, these heat sealers represent excellent value for money. These bar sealers are suitable for both pouches and reels and are the ideal solution for smaller clinical institutions, dental practices and tattoo studios.

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The Design Line

hd 310 WS

hd320 MS


The hd 320 MS and hd 310 WS impulse sealers are used to manually seal pouches and reels in a range of different sizes. The hd 310 WS is a permanently heated bar sealer, ideal for constant use. The two heat sealers in this range are equipped with an audible and visual alarm which indicates the optimum time when the user should stop applying pressure to the pouch. This alarm can be adjusted to different a number seconds depending on the type of pouch used.

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The Pro Line

hd 380 WSI-V ValiPak

The hd 380 WSI-V Valipak is a validatable, permanently heated impulse sealer popular in clinics as well as doctors and dentist surgeries. It has a compact design which makes it ideal in places where space is a premium. This heat sealer can seal a range of pouches and reels of different sizes and types.

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