Hawo HM 8000 WST-XL
The largest hm 8000 WST is 2m wide with a workspace of 1.9m. Like the medium and large version, this extra large hm 8000 WST can be fitted with different optional extras such as hanging baskets and dividers.
Hawo HM 8000 WST-L
The large sized version of the hm 8000 WST is slightly wider than the hm 8000 WST-M. It can also be fitted with a range of optional extras depending on your needs.
Hawo HM 8000 WST-M
Hawo’s latest mobile workstation, the hm 8000 WST is available in three different sizes with this one being the smallest. It has a workspace which can be manually adjusted in height from 700mm to 950mm. Various accessories are available to customise
Hawo HM 2020 WST
Slightly wider than the hm 2015 WST, the hm 2020 WST shares all the same features of its slightly smaller cousin. The workstation can be fitted with an array of different optional extras such as baskets and additional storage shelves.
Hawo HM 2015 WST
The hm 2015 WST is a mobile and modular workstation designed to be compatible with either rotary or bar heat sealers. Perfect for storing everything you need to pack sterilised goods.
Hawo HM 2010 WST
Ideal for keeping everything in one place when packing sterilised items. The hm 2010 WST is the only workstation made by Hawo that can be fitted with an electrical vertical adjustment. This means you can adjust the height of the workspace from 700mm
Hawo HM 750 WST
A mobile workstation for use with rotary or bar heat sealers. Consisting of a worktable, film roll holder with integrated guillotine and shelves. This workstation can also be fitted with baskets and book ends.

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