Hawo HM 750 WST

Hawo heat sealer workstations

Heat sealer workstations are ideal for organising your equipment, pouches and documentation used to package sterilised goods.  Their design means everything is kept in one place and since they are fitted with castors, they can be moved around from one location to the next. These castors are lockable so they can be fixed into one position if needed.

Main features:

  • Flexible workstation due to castors
  • Modularly equipable
  • Holders for pouches and containers
  • Chrome steel finish
  • Work table with manual or electrical height adjustment

Hawo produce a range of heat sealer workstations in various different sizes. Each workstation consists of a film roll holder with integrated cutting device, baskets, storage shelf and a packing workspace. The height of the workstation can be adjusted depending on the height of the user. This can either be done manually or automatically with the use of an electrical remote controller.

Each workstation can also be fitted with a range of different optional extras including:

  • Additional upper storage shelf.
  • Lighting built into the upper storage shelf.
  • Work lamp with magnifying glass.
  • Deposit baskets.
  • Additional cutting device.
  • Extractable keyboard support.
  • Electrical height adjustment.
  • Book ends.
  • Sorting trays.

All of Hawo’s workstations are designed to be used with their own rotary and bar heat sealers, as well as their industrial and vacuum heat sealers. However, these workstations can also accommodate other brands of heat sealers, should you have one.

If you are interested in a heat sealer workstation for the packaging of sterilised items, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

hm 750 WST

The hm 750 WST is a mobile Workstation for the packaging of sterilized goods. The Workstation comprises a mobile basic element, a film roll holder with integrated cutting device, baskets, holder for sterilized goods containers and packets as well as a large work table.


hm 2010/2015/2020 WST

The mobile and modular hm 2010/2015/2020 WST workstations offer a workstation solution that meets all the requirements of a packing and goods inspection unit in the RUMED.


hm 8000 WST

The new mobile and modular hm 8000 WST workstation offers the perfect workstation for the fully automatic production of film pouches.


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