Hawo hv 800 AP2-V
The hv 800 AP2-V is a mid-sized vacuum heat sealer which can also be used for gas purge. Like all of Hawo’s vacuum heat sealers, the nozzles can be disabled, meaning it can be used as a standard bar sealer if required. The maximum bag width is 770mm.
Hawo hv 660 AP2-V
The hv 660 AP2-V is a vacuum heat sealer which can seal bags up to 630mm wide. Ideal for both industrial and life science applications.
Hawo hv 460 AP2-V
The smallest vacuum heat sealer produced by Hawo. The hv 460 AP2-V is a bar type heat sealer that can seal bags no wider than 450mm. The integrated nozzles can either be used for vacuum and/or gas purge applications.
Hawo hpl 1300 AP-V
The hpl 1300 AP-V is the widest industrial heat sealer made by Hawo that does not include a vacuum. Robust and designed for heavy use, this heat seal will be suitable for most industrial applications.
Hawo hpl 1100 AP-V
A semi-automated bar heat sealer ideal for sealing large bags or pouches up to 970mm wide. Like all Hawo industrial heat sealers, this model is made of durable stainless steel and is suitable for use in clean rooms.
Hawo hpl 800 AP-V
Like the hv 800 AP2-V and AP4-V, the hpl 800 AP-V is an bar heat healer ideal for industrial medical applications, except this model does not include the vacuum function. The maximum sealing width is 770mm and is perfect for sealing thermoplastic pol
Hawo hpl 660 AP-V
The hpl 660 AP-V is a medium sized industrial bar heat sealer without the vacuum functionality. This heat sealer can be used to seal thermoplastic and aluminium laminate pouches up to 630mm wide.
Hawo hpl 460 AP-V
A semi-automated impulse heat sealer ideal for industrial applications. Best suited for sealing thermoplastic polymer films, the maximum sealing width of the hpl 460 AP-V is 450mm.
Hawo hv 1300 AP4-V
The hv 1300 AP4-V is the same as the hv 1300 AP2-V, except that it has four nozzles instead of two to carry out the vacuum and/or gas flushing. The two heat sealers share the same functionality and features.
Hawo hv 1100 AP4-V
A four-nozzle version of Hawo’s hv 1100 AP2-V industrial bar heat sealer which is ideal for users who want to speed up the process of vacuum and/or gas purge. Like the hv 1100 AP2-V, the hv 1100 AP4-V can seal bags up to 970mm wide.

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