Hawo hv 460 AP2-V

Hawo Industrial and Vacuum bar heat sealers

Hawo’s ‘hv’ and ‘hpl’ range of impulse bar heat sealers are ideal for sealing thermoplastic polymer and aluminium laminate film. They are also perfect for sealing heavy items when a rotary heat sealer would not be suitable. These heat sealers are incredibly robust and designed for sealing high volumes of pouches and bags over a long period of time.

Examples of use:

The ‘hv’ and ‘hpl’ range of heat sealers are well suited for users in the industrial or life science markets. Examples of items that can be sealed using these heat sealers include, but are not limited to:

  • Industrial spare parts such as semiconductors and other electrical components.
  • Foodstuffs including animal nutrition products.
  • Medical products such as implants and medicines.
  • Other pharmaceutical and laboratory products.
  • Commercial wholesale products.

The possibilities of use are almost infinite, making these heat sealers extremely versatile. Both the ‘hv’ and ‘hpl’ range of heat sealers are well suited for sealing thermoplastic polymer and aluminium laminate film. However, these bar heat sealers can actually seal a wide range of other types of plastics and foil. They can also be used to seal biodegradable material such as Hawo’s own ORGANIXprotect range of packaging.

Henderson Biomedical is happy to discuss your requirements in detail and advise on which heat sealer would be most suitable for your specific needs.

How it works

Both the ‘hv’ and ‘hpl’ heat sealers consist of two metal bars which close upon activating a foot pedal. The process is semi-automated, meaning the sealing time and temperature, as well as the vacuum/gas purge time is controlled by the heat sealer. This means that the user can never apply too much or too little heat for too long or too shorter time.

In the case of the ‘hv’ range of heat sealers, these have nozzles mounted between the jaws of the metal bars. These nozzles can be used to suck air out of the pouch before the sealing process starts. This is required when items need to be packaged in a fixed position without any movement.

Alternatively, the nozzles can also be used to introduce a gas into the pouch before sealing. Users are able to have a ‘hv’ heat sealer which does both vacuum and gas flushing one after the other before the sealing process begins. The ‘hv’ range of heat sealers can also have the vacuum/gas purge function disabled so it can also be used as a normal bar heat sealer.

Both the ‘hv’ and ‘hpl’ heat sealers are available in a range of different maximum sealing bar widths from 450mm to 1270mm. These heat sealers can also be mounted at an angle, vertically or upside down to make the sealing process easier for the user.

Compliance as standard

All of Hawo’s ‘hv’ and ‘hpl’ heat sealers fulfil the requirements set out in the guidelines published by both the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the World Federation for Hospital Sterilisation Sciences (WFHSS). In addition to this, all ‘hv’ and ‘hpl’ heat sealers conform to ISO 11607-2 and the international ISO/TS 16775 guidance.

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