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Hawo have been known for their high-quality rotary and impulse heat sealing instruments since 1975. Functionality, design and quality are very evident in all Hawo products.

In addition to manufacturing sealing devices, Hawo also produce a small range of useful peripheral products which perfectly compliment their heat sealer range. The VeriDoc is a good example of this and, as such, has become particularly popular among leading Clinical Sterile Service Departments (CSSDs)

Henderson Biomedical is proud to be the official UK distributor of Hawo products in the UK. Please contact our team to discuss your requirements.

Hawo VeriDoc - labelling and documentation system

The Hawo VeriDoc is an easy-to-use labelling system for use in clean room environments. The compact printer and barcode scanner work without having to be connected to a PC. Simply scan the relevant, predetermined QR code to input data such as username, department, date and type of instrument. The printer will then automatically produce a label which can then be attached to the pouch prior to sterilisation.

The VeriDoc fully complies with ISO 11140-1, Class 1. The labels feature a steam indicator which turns from pink to brown when sterilised.

Using the VeriDoc to label your instruments is much faster than writing on the pouch by hand. The VeriDoc helps to streamline your operation and increase throughput. Labelling your devices in this way also creates a much more traceable operation, which should better satisfy the requirements laid down by an external auditor.

The VeriDoc is fully compatible with most Hawo rotary sealers. Contact us now for a quotation and see how much time and money you could save by using the Hawo VeriDoc system.

Hawo VeriDoc - How it works

Hawo ProDoc

In line with the requirements of EN ISO 11607-2, the critical process parameters must be routinely monitored and documented for the packaging process.

It is now possible to ensure complete, legally sound process documentation thanks to the hawo ProDoc PC-documentation software. The PC or laptop with the ProDoc documentation software installed is connected to the serial interface of the hawo sealing machine. Once the used sealing machine has been selected and activated, the software automatically receives the data for the critical process parameters, as well as other relevant protocol data (e.g. machine number, personnel number, etc.). The sealing protocols are digitally signed and archived. The archiving process takes place in a legally secure manner in a PDF format protected against unauthorised changes. A digital signature is included for a period of two years.


Why are the InkTest PRO EU sachets made using aluminium foil?

The aluminium packaging of the InkTest PRO EU ensures that the ink inside is protected from sunlight.

Can I keep the pouch once the InkTest PRO EU has been burst inside the pouch?

No. The sachets are designed for single use and once they have been burst inside your pouch, they should be disposed of thoughtfully.

Why are the Seal Checks sold in a pack of 250 sheets?

Most users perform a Seal Check at the beginning of the working day, before the sealer is used. A single pack of Seal Checks should last you around one year (or 250 working days).

Is the Hawo InkTest PRO EU Triton-X free?

Yes, the InkTest PRO EU and the InkTest PLUS 2.0 are both Triton-X free. This is a requirement for use in the European Union and United Kingdom. Triton-X has been banned for use in these markets since January 2021.

What other test systems can I implement to routinely inspect the heat sealer?

Henderson Biomedical can also perform a pouch destruction test which tests the seal strength of your pouches. You just need to send a batch of pre-sealed pouches to our site and we will do the rest. Once our tests are performed, we will supply you with a certificate detailing the results. Many users combine a pouch destruction test with one or more of the Hawo test systems to check that their heat sealer is performing as it should be.

What makes the paper used in the Hawo Seal Check so special?

The paper used in Seal Checks is medical grade and conforms to European Standard EN 868-3. The paper has a special grain to it making it easy to spot any minor flaws in the seal.