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The Priorclave name has grown to become synonymous with robust build qualities, great sterilising performance and superior reliability. The comprehensive range offers laboratories a superb choice of autoclave- from compact bench top instruments to large free-standing, rectangular chamber autoclaves. There are even power door and pass-through designs. In the unlikely event that a standard autoclave does not match a specific requirement, Priorclave is able to specially build a custom made autoclave based on your unique requirements.

Bench-top autoclaves

Bench-top autoclaves by Priorclave

40L, 40L (vacuum), 60L, 60L (vacuum)

These are the smallest in the Priorclave range of autoclaves and the ideal choice for laboratories seeking a bench-top steam steriliser that is extremely easy to install and simple to operate. They will appeal to laboratories with low volume requirements whilst allowing them to enjoy a level of settings and operating flexibility usually reserved for larger models.

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Compact autoclaves

Compact top loading autoclave by Priorclave

 60L, 60L (vacuum)

The compact range of Priorclaves are a top loading design introduced specifically for those laboratories with limited space, yet wanting to perform high-quality steam sterilisation of taller than normal items such as fermentors and large capacity Erlenmeyer flasks.

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Top loading autoclaves

QCS top loader by Priorclave

100L, 100L (vacuum), 150L, 150L (vacuum)

The top loading autoclaves from Priorclave are a highly reliable mid-capacity range of steam sterilisers that will appeal to most laboratory managers looking to improve lab sterilising efficiencies. The combination of easy programming, a large chamber able to sterilise small and tall objects side-by-side in a single process and a stainless steel Load Support Plate improves and speeds loading and processing times.

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Front loading autoclaves (cylindrical chamber)

Large capacity front loading Priorclave autoclave

100L, 150L, 200L

The front loading autoclaves are some of the most versatile and cost efficient steam sterilisers available today. Choose from one of the three standard chamber sizes: 100, 150 or 200 litres. All sizes offer 20% more loading capacity than other sterilisers in the same class and they have the flexibility to accommodate both small and taller than usual items, thus avoiding the need to invest in larger, heavier and more costly rectangular sterilisers

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Front loading autoclaves (rectangular chamber)

Front loading autoclave by Henderson Biomedical

 230L, 285L, 350L, 450L, 700L

Developed for high throughput applications or to handle extra bulky items, models in this range of mid-capacity, front loading autoclaves feature large rectangular chambers. In spite of the chamber sizes, these autoclaves require a relatively small floor area which enables some of the smallest laboratories to acquire a high capacity steam autoclave.

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Pass through autoclaves

Double door Priorclave autoclave

Cylindrical (150L, 200L, 320L)

Rectangular (400L, 450L, 700L)

The Priorclave pass-through autoclaves are designed to provide a sterile path in and out of sealed laboratories with door interlocks to preserve the integrity of the seal between the two parts of the laboratory.

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Power door autoclaves

230L, 350L, 450L, 700L

The power door range of Priorclaves satisfies a demand for autoclaves with a large rectangular sterilising chamber, suited to handling bulky items but where the laboratory does not have sufficient space to allow for the conventional hinged door opening. With the Priorclave power door range, the chamber door lowers within the body of the autoclave, thereby enabling laboratories to acquire a piece of equipment able to handle extra bulky items despite restricted room size.

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