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Gram BioPlus ER1400

One of the largest laboratory refrigerators manufactured by Gram. The BioPlus ER1400 has a capacity of 1400 litres. It can store a vast amount of temperature sensitive resources and can be fitted with a variety of different optional extras.

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Product details

The largest cabinets in the BioLine range, the BioPlus 1270 and 1400 are large by any stretch of imagination. Exceptional capacity and means to store a vast amount of items, make these models applicable to a very wide variety of uses where storage capacity and performance is essential.

Like all the other BioPlus models, the 1270 and 1400 can cope with anything from general purpose to mission-critical storage scenarios. The BioPlus 1270 and 1400 are available as a refrigerator ER (-2°C/+20°C) or freezer RF (-25°C/-5°C), and comes with stainless steel interior and white or stainless steel exterior.

Technical data

Specification Details
Temperature ranges +20/-2 ºC
Ambient temperature range Solid door +10/+43 ºC; glass door (ER) +10/+38 ºC
Control Unit Gram Control Unit with voltage-free contact, E-sensor, acoustic and visual door and temperature alarms that can be programmed individually, alarm recording and offset function
Material interior Stainless steel
Material exterior White lacquered steel or stainless steel
Dimensions mm (W x D x H) 1270: 1390 x 876 x 1875/2125/ 1400: 1390 x 876 x 2025/2275
Gross volume 1270: 1270 litres/44.8 cubic feet / 1400: 1400 litres/49.4 cubic feet
Net volume 1270: 864 litres/30.6 cubic feet / 1400: 968 litres/34 cubic feet
Net weight Unpacked net weight without optional fittings: 1270: 271 kg / 1400: 283 kg
Modules for shelves and drawers 1270: Shelves 48 – Drawers 24 / 1400: Shelves 54 – Drawers 26
Insulation 60 mm polyurethane with HFC-free cyclopentane propellant
K-Value Glass door 0.5040/0.5081 W/m2K
Refrigerant R290 / R134a
CO2e R134a: 508 / R134a (dual comp.): 615
Refrigeration capacity at -10 ºC R290 946 watt / R134a 703 watt
Energy consumption 2.50 kWh/24h/ 2.56 kWh/24h
Base Legs**
Sound level 48.3 dB(A)
Connection 230 V, 50 Hz
Air system Gram BioLine ventilated air distribution system
Defrost system Automatic smart defrost with re-evaporation of defrost water

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BioPlus ER1400Software Guide

Size: 1.70 MB
Date modified: 29-05-2024

BioPlus ER1400 User Manual

Size: 6.85 MB
Date modified: 29-05-2024

BioPlus ER1400 Brochure

Size: 1.80 MB
Date modified: 29-05-2024

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