Vestfrost ULTF-37i
The new mini benchtop iCare ULT freezer from Vestfrost brings your samples right next to your workstation. With a small footprint the “personal freezer” fits perfectly on the counter where you work.
Vestfrost ULTF-c74i
The VT-74i is one of the smallest Ultra Low Temperature freezers that Vestfrost manufacture. This model can maintain temperatures between -60°C -86°C. Ideal for clinical, edicational and industrial applications.
Vestfrost VTS 098 ULT
An undercounter Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) freezer capable of temperatures as low as -86°C. Advanced technology combined with a large 92 litre storage capacity will make this a great addition to any laboratory.
Vestfrost ULTF-c198i
Vestfrost’s ULTF-c198i chest freezer offers superb stability and reliability of temperature. Easy to clean and very user friendly, this model is an ideal fit for both hospitals and general laboratory use.
Vestfrost ULTF-c296i
The Vestfrost ULTF-c296i chest freezer offers a max capacity of 296 litres. It also features a high/low temperature alarm and a battery backup for the controller which lasts 48 hours. It is also supplied with castors for increased manoeuvrability.
Vestfrost ULTF-c383i
The Vestfrot ULTF-c383i is the largest chest freezer made by the world-renowned manufacturer, Vestfrost. It has a maximum capacity of 383 litres, making it suitable for storing large numbers of temperature sensitive resources at very low tem
Labcold LULT3585
A compact 35 litre front opening ULT freezer from Labcold. For added assurance, this model comes with a 5-year parts and 3-year labour warranty as standard.
Labcold LULT80100
Labcold’s 100 litre ULT freezer features a digital temperature display, door open alarm, mains failure alarm and controller battery backup. This model also comes with a 5-year parts and 3-year labour warranty for added peace-of-mind.
Labcold ULTF130
The Labcold ULTF130 freezer is designed to store temperature sensitive resources between -65°C and -85°C. This compact ULT chest freezer is ideal for most clinical and educational applications.
Labcold ULTF301
An ultra-low temperature freezer from Labcold for temperatures up to -85°C. Integral lock with two keys fitted as standard. This model also features a digital temperature display, high/low temperature alarm and spark-free interior.
Labcold LULT0400U
A large capacity ULT from Labcold designed for storage up temperatures as low as -80°C. Using Labcold’s tried and tested cascade refrigeration system, this model ULT offers excellent temperature stability and control.
Labcold LULT0500U
A large capacity 500 litre ultra-low temperature freezer featuring 3 shelves, door open alarm, mains failure alarm and password protected controller. All backed up with a 5-year parts and 3-year labour warranty.
Gram BioUltra UL570
The BioUltra UL570 is an upright ultra-low temperature freezer built to a high specification by the leading bio-storage manufacturer Gram. With a total capacity of 570 litres, this freezer features vacuum insulated panels and two access ports of exte

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