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Vestfrost ULTF-37i

The new mini benchtop iCare ULT freezer from Vestfrost brings your samples right next to your workstation. With a small footprint the “personal freezer” fits perfectly on the counter where you work.

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Product details

Featuring the ETR-System™ (Extended Temperature Range) the unit can operate within -20°C to -86°C, giving you the flexibility to adjust the cooling to your specific needs, or to save energy reducing both operation costs & carbon emissions. Our biomedical appliances offer a reliable solution for users seeking industry-leading cooling performance and high operation stability.

With the smallest footprint, this unit is perfect for storing biomedical content in a room with limited space. The unit can be placed on a table for easy access in your work environment.

With the i-Care controller it has become much easier to access information, change settings, extract data and more. The controller features a 5 inch touchscreen with intuitive icons and easy to navigate menus. The i-Care controller makes complexity simple.

Operated by Adaptive Cooling Technology™ your Vestfrost biomedical appliance will always deliver efficient performance, by adapting the cooling power to match the situation. This means best in class cooldown, outstanding temperature stability, less noise and less energy consumption. With Adaptive Cooling Technology™ you get powerful performance where it matters.

Information is key to ensure proper storage of medicine & biological samples. The new i-Care series features a build-in datalogger, a live temperature graph and an event list, all of which provide you with a quick overview of the condition that your content is being stored at. The i-Care series gives you the information you need, to document the storage conditions of your content.

Technical data

Specification Details
Lock Yes
LED Light Yes
Battery Backup for Controller, 48h Yes
VIP (Vacuum Insulated Panel) Yes
Perimeter Heater Electric
Porthole Yes – Ø 20mm
Dry Contact Yes
Vacuum Valve Yes
Door Solid
Door Reversibility No
Outer Dimensions, HxWxD 631x630x675
Inner Dimensions, HxWxD 433x439x271
Weight Gross/Net, kg 70 / 59
Material Inner Cabinet Stainless Steel
Material Outer Cabinet Painted Steel
Insulation Thickness, mm 80
Insulation Type Polyurethane with Cyclopentane
Air Distribution N/A
Standard Adjustable Feet
Option Castors
Refrigerant, Type / gram Nature R2 / 96
Variable Speed Compressor Yes – Adaptive Cooling Technology
Internal Air Distribution Static
Number of Probes 2
Controller & Alarms
Controller i-Care, Touch screen
Controller language EN, DE, FR
USB Connection Yes
Logging Data, Alarms & Events
Temperature Graph Yes
High/Low Temp. Alarm Yes
Open Door Alarm Yes
Probe Failure Alarm Yes
Power Failure Alarm Yes
Volume, Gross/net, L 37 / 37
Shelf 1 / 1
Cryobox ‘‘2 capacity 33
2 ml vials capacity 3,300
Inner lids No
Performance & Operation
Temperature Range, C° -20 to -86
Voltage, V 110 / 220
Frequence, Hz 50 / 60
Max Ambient, °C 43
Max Humidity, °C 65
Noise, dB 46
Energy Consumption, kWh / 24h 3.2
Instant Power Consumption PD 0.550 / Stable 0.030
Heat Rejection 306
K-Value 0.19
Defrost Manual

Product Support Documents

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user manual ultf 37i

Size: 3.22 MB
Date modified: 29-05-2024

user manual chest ult i care

Size: 4.24 MB
Date modified: 29-05-2024

biomedical i care product overview v3 00

Size: 1.18 MB
Date modified: 29-05-2024

Vestfrost ULTF 37i User Manual

Size: 3.22 MB
Date modified: 29-05-2024

Vestfrost Product Catalogue 2024

Size: 20.38 MB
Date modified: 17-06-2024

Datasheet ULTF 37i V1.00

Size: 1.29 MB
Date modified: 29-05-2024

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