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Centrifuges for the price conscious lab user: Introducing Nüve

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Nüve (pronounced ‘new-vay’) was established over 50 years ago and have been making centrifuges for over 25 years. The company was founded in Ankara, Turkey and have international distributors in over 35 different countries. Nüve is currently not that well known in the UK, but they are rapidly gaining market share.  This is no surprise given the increasingly close ties that the UK is forging with Turkey. Today, around 2,500 British companies are currently operating in Turkey.  Many more UK businesses are exporting to the territory. However, this trend is not a one-sided affair. The UK is equally importing an increasingly large amount of goods from Turkey. For example, cars, clothing and electrical goods are all being brought in. So, it’s no wonder that this trend is also being mirrored in the laboratory equipment market.

Nüve’s centrifuge range

Nüve’s range consists of 9 different centrifuges– all bench-top models. The smallest centrifuge is the NF 024 which is ideal for spinning small 1.5-2ml Eppendorf tubes. This particular centrifuge will only spin a maximum of 12 tubes at a time. Users who wish to spin more Eppendorf tubes will need to opt for the NF 048. This model of centrifuge will also accommodate up to 24 haematocrit capillaries.

The NF 200 is the next size up in the centrifuge range and can spin 12 x 15ml blood tubes at ambient temperature. The NF 400, NF 800 and NF 1200 can all spin a variety of different tubes, microplates and bottles. Both swing-out and angle rotors are available for these models. The NF 400 has a maximum capacity of 4 x 100ml, whilst the NF 800 is 4 x 200ml and the NF 1200 is 4 x 280ml. All three of these bench-top models of centrifuge come in both non-refrigerated and refrigerated versions.

Centrifuges at a price you can afford

Making capital equipment purchases can be an expensive business. This is why it is important that you make the right choice for your lab. You will want an equal balance of good quality and price.

Nüve tend to focus on selling the most popular centrifuges. For example, Nüve only manufacture 9 different types of centrifuge in total. Compare this to Hettich, who manufacture nearly 30 different models. Furthermore, Nüve haven’t invested in manufacturing any floor-standing models of centrifuge for instance. This is because the majority of lab users require bench-top versions. This focus on the most common centrifuge applications reduces costs. Furthermore, labour is much less expensive than in Western Europe. This also reduces the overall cost. As a result, this is passed onto the customer, making their products extremely competitively priced.

However, this does also mean that if you have a specific need or requirement, they’re probably not the brand for you. For example, if you are spinning an odd shaped tube or a container which is a bit unusual then you will probably find it difficult to find a Nüve centrifuge which meets your requirements. 

Purchase Nüve centrifuges through Henderson Biomedical

Henderson Biomedical have been appointed as UK distributor of Nüve centrifuges. All products come with a 2 year warranty and the company is ISO 9000 and ISO 13485 accredited.

If you would like more information on Nüve centrifuges or you would like a quotation, please contact out friendly team on 020 8663 4610 or via email at

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