NUVE Centrifuges

NUVE NF 024 Microlitre Centrifuge

With its microliter rotor accepting small capacity tubes up to 2 ml, NF 024 is ideal for hospital and research laboratories and for applications such as pelleting of DNA and protein, DNA amplification, enzyme tests, centrifugation of cells, yeast and microorganisms at high speed.

Key features:

  • Maximum RCF: 15.596xg
  • Maximum speed: 15.000 rpm
  • Maximum capacity: 12×1,5/2 ml

NUVE NF 048 Micro & Haematocrit Centrifuge

NF 048 is two centrifuges in one. As a microcentrifuge operating at over 18 000 xg, this unit responds to the needs of molecular biologists, biochemists and covers multiple applications. As a microhaematocrit centrifuge, NF 048 comfortably handles all protocols.

Key features:

  • Hematocrit rotor
  • Easy programming with one button, just turn and push
  • Angle rotor operating at over 18 000xg

NUVE NF 200 Small Centrifuge

NF 200 is an ideal centrifuge for small clinics, physicians’ practices and as a point-of-use instrument in larger laboratories. Blood samples, urine sedimentation and general sample preparation are catered for with the standard rotor and adaptors.

Key features:

  • Maximum capacity : 12×15 ml
  • Maximum speed : 5.000 rpm
  • Maximum RCF : 2.822xg

NUVE NF 400 / 400R Medium Capacity Centrifuges

NF 400/400R bench top centrifuges are designed for daily routine centrifugation requirements. The performance and capacity of NF 400/400R are ideal for the separation of blood samples, urine particle sedimentation and other routine applications in small and medium sized laboratories. Programmable N-Prime™ control system makes the operations easy.

Key features:

  • Easy programming with one button, just turn and push
  • Highly visible dual LED display for time and speed / RCF (xg)
  • Stainless steel chamber

NUVE NF 800 & 800R Multi-Purpose Centrifuges

The multi-purpose NF 800/800R bench top centrifuges respond to the requirements of laboratories carrying out a variety of applications. By combining a range of accessories and speeds in a single machine, they reduce the need for bench space and substantially reduce investment cost.

Key features:

  • Easy programming with one button, just turn and push
  • 1-99 minutes with hold position
  • Ten program memories

NUVE NF 1200/1200R Multi-Purpose Centrifuges

The large multi-purpose NF 1200/1200R bench top centrifuges provide a comprehensive response to laboratories carrying out multiple applications. Their extensive range of accessories and versatile performance combined in one unit save valuable bench space and are the answer when budgets are tight but many protocols have to be carried out.

Key features:

  • Programmable parameters: Program no, speed / RCF, time, acceleration and breaking rates and temperature
  • Four large LED displays for programmable parameters
  • Powerful, quite, maintenance-free induction motor