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Founded in 1975 by Hans Wolf, Hawo is a German manufacturer of award-winning, high quality rotary heat sealers commonly used for instrument packaging and sterile service departments in hospitals. Functionality, design and quality are three aspects which really define all Hawo instruments.

Henderson Biomedical is proud to be the exclusive UK distributor for Hawo sealing devices. Our knowledge of Hawo products is second to none and our engineers undertake factory training every year to ensure they are up to date with all the latest technological developments.

There are five ranges of Hawo rotary heat sealers: Basic, Easy, Compact, Pro and High-End Class. Speak to a member of our sales team if you are unsure which device is right for you.

The Basic Class

hpl 500 D-V

 Rotary heatsealer 500DV by hawo

Probably one of the most popular heat sealers in the UK market today. The Hawo hpl 500 D-V is a robust rotary heat sealer designed to seal pouches quickly and efficiently with minimal set up time and programming. The hpl 500 D-V is ideal for cleanrooms with a high throughput and will give years of trouble free use if regularly serviced.

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The Easy Dental Class

hd 650 D/DE
hd 680 DE
hd 680 DE-V
hd 680 DEI-V


The Easy Class of rotary sealers are for users who want a simple sealing device without too many additional features. Popular in doctor’s and dentist’s surgeries, the Easy Class consists of the hd 650 and hd 680. Both models can seal paper pouches/reels as well as Tyvek® and aluminium-laminate film.

We think these heat sealers are the best in their class. But don’t just take our word for it, the Hawo 680 DEI-V is a multi-year winner of the Red Dot Design Award.

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The Compact Class

hm 780 DC

hm 780 DC-V


The Compact Class of heat sealers consists of the hm 780 DC and hm 780 DC-V. As the name suggests, these heat sealers are compact in size but they are packed with cutting edge technology. Both heat sealers have an integrated printer to meet the traceability demands of hospital clean rooms. Key data such as date, time, expiry date and lot number is printed on the paper side of the pouch as it passes through the rollers. The font size is automatically adjusted to fit to the width of the pouch. Furthermore, both models in the Compact Class can be operated easily via a barcode scanner, which is also available from Hawo.

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The Pro Class

hm 850 DC-V

hm 880 DC-V

Hawo 850 DC-V rotary heat sealer

The Pro Class of rotary heat sealers features an easy-to-use keypad with an LCD display. The user can navigate the menus to alter the date of sealing/expiry, as well as lot number and user name. This information then prints onto the paper side of the pouch as it passes through the heat sealer. Alternatively, a barcode scanner (an optional extra by Hawo) can be used to input the data for the hm 880 DC-V. Using Hawo’s FontMatic technology, the hm 880 DC-V can automatically adjust the font print size depending on the width of the pouch.

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The High-End Class

hm 3010 DC-V

hm 3020 DC-V

hm 3010 DC-VI


These flagship Hawo heat sealers include a full colour touch screen and have a range of additional features not found on other Hawo models. For example, users can print a wide range of parameters onto the paper pouch including date of sealing, date of expiry, lot number, user name, temperature, pressure and speed. This information allows the user to implement a much more comprehensive and traceable system within the Clinical Sterile Service Department (CSSD). Like the Pro Class, the High-End Class can have data inputted either manually using the touch screen or via a barcode scanner supplied by Hawo as an optional extra. Font sizes are automatically adjusted to the width of the film using Hawo’s clever FontMatic technology.

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NanoPak heat sealers

hm 950 DC-V

hm 950 DC-VI

The new heat sealer surpasses all its predecessors, offering smart operation, comprehensive digitisation, networkability and sustainability, reflecting the spirit of industry 4.0. The design of the NanoPak is based on the award-winning design of hawo’s Generation Easy series. Hawo has designed the devices of this product generation to meet the high standards, in terms of professionalism, aesthetics and solidity, as required in surgeries and SPD (CSSD’s) in hospitals while always conforming to the strictest safety guidelines.

The NanoPak is available in stainless steel, as well as the colours diamond black, white and original orange. The colour ‘original orange’ dates back to the colour of the first hawo sealing devices issued in the first years after the company was founded.

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