Since the early 1900s, Gram has focused on creating high quality refrigeration equipment for demanding users. Initially, producing refrigerators for both domestic and commercial food and dairy sectors as opposed to laboratories, Gram quickly realised the untapped market in the pharmaceutical and medical environment, and expanded their range. Since 1972, Gram have been producing reliable laboratory refrigerators, evidenced by an almost unrivalled 5 year manufacturer’s warranty. Many models can be fully customised with different options and fittings such as glass doors, stainless steel shelves, wire drawers and draught shields. Please contact us for more details for the full list of options available.

-2°C to 15°C refrigerators



Gram’s flagship BioPlus range of laboratory refrigerators is designed for storing samples which are extremely temperature sensitive. The precise temperature control system of the BioPlus refrigerator dramatically reduces any fluctuations in temperature, even in warm labs with no air conditioning.

The BioPlus is available in six different capacities: 500, 600, 660, 930, 1270 and 1400 litres. Users can choose between either a stainless steel or gloss white finish. All models are fitted with an audible and visual alarm system.

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+2°C to +15°C refrigerators

BioMidi Refrigerator by Gram


Available in two sizes (425 or 625 litres), the BioMidi range of laboratory refrigerators is a cut down version of Gram’s flagship BioPlus range. The BioMidi range is designed for users who want the key features of the BioPlus range, but without the hefty price tag.

This range of laboratory incubators are equipped with self closing doors meaning users do not have to worry if they have accidentally left the door open ajar. As an extra precaution, this model is also fitted with an audible and visual alarm which sounds when the door is left open.

The BioMidi range is available in either a stainless steel or white finish and can be fitted with a glass door if required.

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BioCompact II

The BioCompact II is a range of great all-round laboratory refrigerators suitable for a wide variety of biostorage applications.

As the name suggests, the BioCompact II has a small footprint and can be located in even the tightest of spots. Under counter versions are also available for users who have very little benchtop space. This range is available in either a stainless steel or white finish and some versions can be fitted with optional extras such as castors and a glass door.

Available in five different capacities: 125, 218, 250, 346 and 583 litres, the BioCompact II range is the ideal choice for your laboratory.

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Gram’s BioCompact is a general purpose laboratory refrigerator designed for the basic storage of non-critical bio-samples.

Despite its simplicity, the BioCompact range is still more reliable and offers better temperature consistency than a regular domestic refrigerator. The BioCompact range is available in four different sizes depending on the capacity required: 125, 218, 250 and 346 litres. All sizes are available in either a white or stainless steel finish.

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+2°C to +6°C refrigerators



The BioBlood range of laboratory refrigerators are squarely aimed at the storage of whole blood, plasma and other blood related products in blood banks. These laboratory refrigerators are modeled on Gram’s BioPlus range, with all the top-of-the-range features included.

This range of advanced refrigerators have incredibly precise temperature controls and can be fitted with a range of optional extras. There are seven different sizes available: 425, 500, 600, 660, 930, 1270 and 1400 litres in either white or stainless steel finishes.

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