What is Eupry’s Sensor Plug?

What is Eupry’s Sensor Plug?

Eupry aims to make calibration as simple as possible without any inconvenient downtime. The way they have traditionally done this is by swapping existing loggers with new devices at the time of calibration. The new logger will remember all the data from the previous one.

However, the new loggers still need to be connected to the user’s WiFi. This can be cumbersome and time consuming if there are many loggers and permission needs to be sought from the IT department.

Eupry’s solution to this is the Sensor Plug. Instead of swapping the whole logger, the Sensor Plug which is plugged into the top of the logger is swapped. This is only the calibration ‘brain’ and thus eliminates the new for the logger to be re-connected to the WiFi.

The Senor Plugs are also very small and light, which saves the user on delivery costs. This is especially true for users that have several hundreds of loggers.

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